Several small ways to improve the performance of reclaimed rubber tire mats

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Most of the tire mats on the market are now made from recycled rubber. Many customers use the reclaimed rubber to produce the mats that are easy to appear at the edge of the gap before the use of the reclaimed rubber. Easy to be squeezed out and broken. In fact, there are many reasons for this.
1. For the problem that the pad has broken extrusion at the inner valve, the pad can be improved to eat spring, for example, the thickness of the pad of the part is increased by about 2-3 mm. This is considered from the product size above.
2, the reason why the mat is broken, the main reason is the strength, hardness, tear resistance and production process problems of the rubber compound, can be improved from the reclaimed rubber pad formula and production process.
(1) In the reclaimed rubber pad formula, a small amount of butadiene rubber is used and the amount of reclaimed rubber is increased to improve the tensile strength, tearing production, hardness and other physical indexes of the mat, improve the performance of the zsj product, and overcome the reclaimed rubber tire. The mat is prone to breakage and cracking.
(2) Dehumidification. Recycled rubber is susceptible to moisture during transportation and parking due to the loose molecular structure inside the reclaimed rubber. Before using the reclaimed rubber to produce the mat, it is necessary to dry the reclaimed rubber; if the existing drying process is necessary, the drying time should be appropriately extended.
(3) Extend the mixing time of reclaimed rubber and other rubber compounds, increase the mixing temperature, and make the rubber compound evenly dispersed to avoid the phenomenon of bubbles appearing after the tire mat is vulcanized, so that the surface of the product is smooth and bright.
(4) Shorten the vulcanization time, ensure the processing safety, improve the hardness, tensile stress, tensile strength and tear strength of the reclaimed rubber pad rubber compound, so that the strength and the shape of the hy regenerative rubber pad are better. The change is small, the problem of easy breakage of the reclaimed rubber pad is improved, and the service life of the product is prolonged.