Pad with bite inner tube solution

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First take a look at the bite on the bead or the bite on the side of the bead. Most of them are bitten on the side of the bead. The bite on the bead is first to see if the bead and the rim are rusted. If there is, knock it off with a hammer. In addition, look at whether the mouthpiece of the tire is a vertical plane. If it is not flattened with a sickle, some of the mouths are very bad, and the front and back sides are exchanged and the tires are loaded.
There is also the tire is not loaded to the end when the steel ring is installed, this situation will be difficult to press in the loading of the bead, most people use a sledgehammer to knock in, so that the 100% bite inner tube. The solution is to cut the tire mouth a circle (do not cut too thick), or stand up the tire with a hammer to knock the low edge of the steel ring, so that the bead is also good.
Then there are some large vehicles running hot water shortage, the tire mouth is hot and deformed, most of them are hot steel ring along the surface, directly cut a circle, the front and back exchanges will solve. In addition, large trucks must be double-padded. With a large and small standard 85, widened and thickened will bite.